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"Pandemic Pods" for High School Writers!

I am launching some after-school, small-scale, online writing classes to help high schoolers during quarantine.

Scroll down to see the four flyers I made. Classes will start as soon as I have enough students for one pod. So grab some friends to create your own pod, or join solo to meet new, like-minded people!

My new classes max out at 5 people. Here are the classes I planned, but I'm open to ideas:

  1. Academic essay writing

  2. College Applications Coaching, including personal feedback on the essay. In a few hours, we will go through the entire process, leaving you feeling ready to apply. Learn more about my college prep experience here.

  3. Creative Writing -- a great way to learn a new craft and connect with other young writers.

  4. College Essay Writer's Group, facilitated by me -- because you don't have to go through college application season without personalized tutoring at a reduced cost.

Why a pod?

Teaching to just a few students lets me focus on each student's learning style and needs. The families I've been talking to have told me how hard it is for their children to engage with large online classes. It reduces the connection they have with their teachers, and makes it hard to retain information. Online learning is tricky, but in small groups, can be just as fun, targeted, and effective as in-person learning. Even for students with ADHD.

And for students creating their college applications right now, having 1-on-1 access to a college admissions specialist, at this inexpensive group rate, is invaluable. I wish I could have had a class like this, and I really believe it will be a game changer for the students who take it.

Please share! If you refer a student who enrolls, I'll send you an e-gift card to a local business!


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